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Assurance of Salvation:

Lack of assurance is a big deal. When clouds of doubt block the sunshine of our assurance of salvation, a sense of foreboding plagues us. The fear of hell becomes a sobering reality, leading to loss of joy and strength.

Jesus came that we might have life—salvation. In Assurance of Salvation, John Van Gelderen shows us how we can have eternal life, know that we have it, and live it abundantly, based on the infallible Word of God.

Longing to experience more of the life of Jesus?

The good news of the reviving life of Jesus makes the difference! You can experience more of Jesus personally and in your sphere of influence. If you know there must be more to the Christian life than what you are presently experiencing, then the material you find on this blog is for you.





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I write on the Spirit-filled Life (experiencing Jesus personally), revival and awakening (experiencing Jesus corporately), the Holy Spirit (the agent who manifests the life of Jesus), and faith (the access to the life of Jesus). In addition I may occasionally address related matters along with highlighting relevant resources.