ello, I’m John Van Gelderen. I am an evangelist and the president of Revival Focus Ministries, an organization for the cause of revival in hearts, homes, churches, and beyond, and for evangelizing. This blog is focused on experiencing Jesus. I believe in order to really live, you must access and experience the very life of Jesus Christ.

Are you longing to experience the life of Jesus? God used this yearning He put in my heart to launch me on a revival journey over 25 years ago that has not ceased. My revival journey began on the personal level and at times has included the corporate level.

I write on the Spirit-filled Life (experiencing Jesus personally), revival and awakening (experiencing Jesus corporately), the Holy Spirit (the agent who manifests the life of Jesus), and faith (the access to the life of Jesus). In addition I may occasionally address related matters along with highlighting relevant resources.

My burden is to declare the good news of the reviving life of Jesus so that you can experience more of Jesus personally and in your sphere of influence. If you know there must be more to the Christian life than what you are presently experiencing, then the material you find on this blog is for you.

At present I post once a week along with hosting a weekly Q&A column, with occasional additional video posts. You can subscribe to my email list to insure you don’t miss out on the newest posts.

My Biography

I have been in ministry nearly my entire life. After growing up in a pastor’s home, earning a B.A. (’84) and M.A. (’87) in Bible, and then serving as an assistant pastor for five years, I entered full-time evangelism in 1992. Since then I have preached in local church revival meetings, conferences, across the U.S.A. and in 20 foreign countries. Also, my dad and I founded Preach the Word Ministries in 1992, which was later named Revival Focus Ministries. Revival Focus publishes and distributes materials on revival and evangelizing, along with sponsoring various conferences on revival. In 2008 I earned a D.Pas.Th.

I have written seven books, two of which were published by CLC Publications. Currently, I am writing a new book entitled Experiencing Jesus!

I have been married to my wife, Mary Lynn, since 1985. Together with our colleague Samuel Joshua we started Gentle Praise, a music publisher of recordings and printed music. We have one son, and we base out of Manchester, Michigan.

In my free time I enjoy reading and fun times with my family. When we are home we attend Ann Arbor Baptist Church, where I have been the staff evangelist since 1998.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via email here, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.