I receive God’s Gift of salvation been baptized in water read and spend time with him on a daily basis. But I’m not out there speaking his word to others I try to speak it to my family members but I forget or get choked up. I know that I got to be busy speaking his word and helping the homeless. and I am trying but like I said I have a lost for words can you help me with this to go out there and preach the good news so that I can hear “well done good and faithful servant” thank you God bless you



Hello Frank,

Thank you for your heartfelt inquiry. Many long to be used by God to win the lost to Christ. It’s important to remember that having His blessing and power is never by merit. It is by faith. Consider two thoughts.

First, the Holy Spirit works through our faculties, our minds, words, and so forth. Therefore, it is helpful to know the gospel. The more you know the greater the potential of who you can reach. Flip chart gospel presentations can be helpful if you don’t have the gospel memorized. We and others offer such resources:

–  The Netcasters Viewbook is a spiral-bound flip chart that covers the Netcasters gospel presentation.

–  Our How? tract, a 16-page gospel presentation booklet, can also double as a flip chart presentation.

Second, we need the Holy Spirit’s power to free us to speak and convince hearers of the message. Three simple steps of faith may be applied: Ask, Take, and Act.

  • Ask for the Spirit’s power to enable you to speak and enable the hearer to understand. God promises to give the quality of the Spirit to those who ask (Luke 11:13). As you are praying, the Spirit will bear witness with your spirit that you have your request.
  • Take Take His power just like you would a physical gift and say thank you. The “thank you” signals your belief regarding what you have received.
  • Then Act. Take action based on the power/enabling that you have received, simply trusting the Spirit to work as you open your mouth with the message to someone who needs to hear (Acts 1:8). Regardless of how you may feel, the truth is the Spirit is filling and overflowing.

Boldness in declaring the gospel is not brashness. It is being free to say what ought to be said. Knowing the message and especially being filled with the Spirit equips us with genuine boldness.

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