What do you think of the Word of Faith movement? You got me to thinking about this movement, if that is what it is.



Hello Earl,

Thank you for your question. In light of the recent articles addressing faith, it is a fair matter to consider.

The Word of Faith movement took shape in the later part of the 20th century and is classified as a part of the Neo-Charismatic movement that teaches a “Prosperity Theology.” The specific teaching is that believers can access the power of faith through speech.

Though some sincere people are involved with the program, there are serious issues with it because, as is often the case with such movements, a biblical truth has been stretched beyond biblical precision. After mentioning the “word of faith,” Paul introduces mouth confession and heart faith (Rom. 10:8-10). But note that faith is first in the heart. The very wording—the word of faith—clarifies that faith is first, and after faith, the word or expression of faith follows. Therefore, speech does not access the power of faith in a creative sense. Speech can declare and strengthen faith, but speech does not create faith. However, the expression of faith, whether inward or outward, opens the way for God to move.

Faith is not a work; it depends on the worker—God. So the only “power” of faith is in accessing the power of God through simple dependence. This is a wonderful truth!

Faith comes by the specific word of God (Rom. 10:17). It is imperative to remember that faith is always a response to the Spirit’s working through the foundation of the Word. God works in us to will (Phil. 2:13). The Spirit is the one who convinces us of truth. Therefore, faith is not our wishful thinking linked to attempts at manipulating God. Faith responds to God, and God then responds to faith.

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