“But a sower went forth to sow. And when he sowed, some seeds … fell into good ground” (Matt. 13:3-8).

Throughout my years in evangelism crisscrossing the country, from time to time I meet people who were saved through a gospel tract. God uses gospel tracts to the salvation of souls. Following are four steps to using gospel tracts effectively.

1. Find tracts with a clear and thorough gospel message.
Years ago I went to a tract publishing house to check out their Christmas tracts. They were beautiful. But they were either so short there wasn’t much gospel really there, or they were unclear as to how to be saved, some making salvation one step, others two steps or three, and so forth. Tract writer Paul Levin, whose tracts were used to the salvation of literally thousands of souls, used to say that people do not get saved reading short tracts. In other words there must be a thorough gospel presentation. Also, the articulation of the decision of faith must be kept crystal clear to guard against both acknowledgment-only decisions that lack real faith, as well as to guard against making works a part of the decision in an attempt to keep from easy-believism.

2. Carry gospel tracts with you.
Ladies have the advantage of purses. Men have pockets. If the pockets are small, then you have to find smaller tracts. But you cannot pass out a gospel tract if you don’t have one with you. More supplies can be carried in your car. Charlie Kittrell used to have boxes of tracts in his car so that he was always in good supply. And he passed out so many tracts that he needed those supplies.

3. Pray about it.
First, pray that God will use the tracts you personally pass out to the salvation of souls. Second, pray the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom to know who to give a tract to. Third, ask the Spirit, as the Helper, to help you to do it. Charlie Kittrell passed out many gospel tracts and saw many saved through those tracts. I learned from him to pray about who to give tracts to. When I started praying this way, I found I gave out more tracts, and an amazing number of people thanked me for giving them the tract. The Spirit knows the searching hearts.

4. Trust and obey.
When the Spirit leads you to pass out a tract, you will know it (rather than feel it). Trust Him for the grace to obey. Take His power to obey His will. Regardless of how you may feel, as you trust to obey He will impart the supernatural enabling grace needed in the moment.

May God who gives the increase bless your gospel sowing efforts for His glory!

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