Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that some are “so heavenly minded, they are of no earthly good.” This humorous cliché makes a legitimate point; there is a fake heavenly-mindedness and one that is real.

My grandmother, who knew the Lord intimately and evidenced a simple child-like faith, saw remarkable answers to prayer throughout her long life. But she was a normal person. She laughed. She cracked jokes. She giggled. She was very practical. I knew her and remember both how normal she was in the earthly realm and yet how seemingly beyond she was in matters of faith.

This was also true of Charlie Kittrell who pastored in Indianapolis for over 40 years. In life, he saw wonderful, and yes, truly remarkable answers to prayer. But he was anything but stoic. He loved sports. He was very practical. He loved living life to its fullest.

Have you noticed that those who live in the heavenlies in the spiritual realm are down to earth in the earthly realm? This reality provides a plumb line for discernment: those who would put on a pious façade in the earthly realm are not living in the spiritual realm. It’s merely flesh. Fleshly façade ends up with a focus on man’s extreme discipline, but faith living puts the focus on God.

The real versus the fake is quite discernable to those who know life in the Spirit. In fact, common sense often sees and smells the difference between pious imitation and the genuine impartation of the Christ life.

God offers many promises which may be obtained through faith (Heb. 11:33). This is the privilege of the life of faith. Faith lives in the reality of the blessings provided in Christ in the spiritual realm (Eph. 1:3). God also provides good gifts to enjoy (1 Tim. 6:17). There is a practical side to life, and the Holy Spirit is practical. Therefore, in the spiritual realm, faith accesses the blessings of the divine. In the earthly realm, faith is content with genuine, practical life on earth.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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