Living The Christ Life Devotional


Do you long to know God more?

Many Christians are hungry for a deeper walk with God, but too often we fail to see the results we hope for. Why is this?

Frequently it’s because we’re trying to please God by the power of self instead of the power of the Spirit. Sometimes, espeically if we’ve spent years missing the mark, it’s easy to become discouraged and give up altogether. Godly men and women throughout history have understood this struggle. In this easy-to-read 366-day devotional, people like Amy Carmichael, F.B. Meyer, Andrew Murray, and others who walked closely with God show us how to die to self and to surrender to the Spirit. Their wrightings, blending teaching and testimoney, unfold what it means to abide in Christ through topics like the cross, obedience, prayer, revival, and missions. From the days of the early church to today, the answer has been the same: “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). As we surrender the self-life for the Christ life, God will revive us, both individually and coporately. The result will b elife, joy, rest, increasing spiritual maturity, prayer, a desire for service, and a love for people.

The life-changing truth of Christ in the believer is beautifully highlighted in Living the Christ Life. Becky English Lawson has woven together rich excerpts from classic authors in a thematic way that builds throughout the year’s readings. If you desire to experience Jesus, Living the Christ Life will be used by the Spirit to nurture your faith and bring you into a greater experience of “not I, but Christ.” Having read multiple daily devotionals, I believe this one ranks with the timeless and the best.


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