I remember the day I asked Jesus Christ to save me. It was Easter 2012. I remember the conviction. It’s now 2023. I’m constantly in doubt and I try to read my Bible every day and pray. But I feel like it’s a routine anymore. I still smoke cigarettes and just get further away from God. It’s to the point when I lay my head down at night and I think if the Lord was to return right now I would be left behind and it scares me to death??? I’m so sorry for the long story.



Hello Teira,

Thank you for your heartfelt question. There is good news.

Salvation is simple. When you understand that you need Jesus due to sin and its consequence, are convinced (convicted) that Jesus will save you if you trust in Him, and simply depend on Him to save you, He does. Jesus is the Savior and He does all the saving.

Salvation is not based on our attempts at good works. God wants us to live right, but living right is not what saves, Jesus saves. So if you simply looked to Jesus when you asked Him to save you, He did save you.

Doubts come from taking our eyes off of Jesus. It’s seems this is what has happened to you. You are frustrated with mechanical or poor performance, which is understandable. But this indicates you are focused on you rather than Jesus. 

Jesus is the object of faith based on the sure words of God. We are the subject of faith. Since the key to faith is the object of faith, not the subject of faith, the key is not us. It’s Jesus. Just as salvation is by faith, not performance, so assurance is by faith, not performance. Jesus said that the one who believes on Him has eternal life (John 6:47). When you look at the object of faith, who is Jesus, based on His sure promise, you know you’re saved—because He said so! This assurance is based on God’s sure Word regardless of how you may or may not feel. 

Now, in order to grow, simply trust in Jesus for each step. The way you received Christ—by faith, is how you walk in Christ—by faith (Col. 2:6). When you believed in Jesus, He moved in and now indwells you. Christ lives in you (Gal. 2:20). This reality is true, but in order for you to fully benefit from it, you need to believe He actually lives in you. As you trust in Him for living, He imparts His life to you. Jesus doesn’t have bad habits. As you access Him by faith, you experience His victorious life. This is how you grow in grace. 


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