Revival ignites missions. Wouldn’t it be special to support a missionary who was revolutionized in genuine revival and called to missions? Meet Matt and Rachel Shriner.

Two years ago my wife and I met Matt and Rachel in a missions conference. Our hearts resonated. In the conference I told the story of a revival at an independent Baptist church in York PA in 2019. The account was in my sermon. But prior to my preaching, Matt testified to getting set on fire for the Lord in a heaven sent revival at his church. It was the same revival!

Since then, the Lord led Matt to start a church in Warsaw, Poland among the Ukrainian refugees. God blessed and souls have been saved and discipled. Due to escalating costs, the Shriners have had to return. It seems to me this need should be fast tracked to get them back as soon as possible. Several considerations might help.

First, Matt was ignited in real revival. The move of God at his church caused a one week meeting to extend for seven weeks total. Eventually, services went until midnight. Confession, tears, faith, cleansing, freedom, joy—all took place as the Spirit manifested the presence of Jesus. Testimonies of freedom from addicting habits followed. God moved. The work of the Spirit in a season of refreshing goes deep.
Second, Matt has an understanding of and passion for life in the Spirit. This is vital for every Christian and certainly for those on the frontlines in missions. Not by human might, nor by human power, but by the Spirit of the living God (Zech. 4:6).

Third, Matt was saved out of a rough background and has a heart for all people including those with rough backgrounds. At the missions conference where we met, Mary Lynn mentioned how neat it was to see his tattoos, the marks of Matt’s rough background, yet see his heart to serve the Lord. Because of this, Matt has and will be used of God to reach some that others may not be as likely to reach. This is a testimony to God’s grace.

It is my privilege to heartily recommend this dear family. To learn more of their ministry, visit their website by clicking the link below.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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