Which best describes you: a struggling sinner or a saint reigning in righteousness?​

Romans 6–8 is a life-changing portion of Scripture. The sad truth is, many Christians don’t realize it. While Romans 1–5 is the gospel to sinners, showing people the way to salvation in Christ, Romans 6–8 is the gospel to saints, showing believers the way to life in the Spirit.

Just as sinners need the good news of Jesus, so likewise saints need the good news of the Holy Spirit. The gospel to sinners provides freedom from the penalty of sin. The gospel to saints provides freedom from the power of sin. Just as sinners must believe in Jesus, so also saints must believe in the Holy Spirit.

If your present experience is best described as more of a struggling sinner than the righteous reigning, it’s time to let the Holy Spirit convince you of the righteousness God has provided and made available to you in Jesus.

As you read this devotional Bible study, may your heart be touched with the powerful truth in Romans 6–8 that we, as saints, can walk in the victory of Christ through the power of the Spirit of Christ, who lives within us.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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