God satisfies the longing soul and fills the hungry soul with goodness (Psalm 107:9).

My father used to say that hunger is a major key to growing spiritually. When we think of the physical analogy, this really makes sense. Hungry people eat, and nourished people grow. 

Physical growth demands nourishing food. When we are hungry, and food is made available, we eat and are filled. The nourishment imbibed aids in proper growth. But when we are not hungry, perhaps due to snacking on junk food, we end up declining to eat when the real food is made available. Without the proper nourishment we don’t grow physically.

Similarly, spiritual growth demands nourishing food. When we are hungry for spiritual food, then we feed on the Word of God through faith choices to trust His words. Faith accesses grace, and as a result, we grow in grace. But when we are not hungry, perhaps due to snacking on the junk food of the world or religious counterfeit, then we don’t eat much when the real food is available. Without the impartation of grace we do not grow spiritually.

How hungry are we? And what do we hunger for? We develop an appetite for what we eat. Our strongest appetites reveal where we primarily feed. Feeding on the true bread from heaven accesses the nourishing life of Christ in us. When there is real hunger for real spiritual food, God promises to satisfy the longing soul and fill the hungry soul with goodness.

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