I am pleased to introduce an evangelist entering the field who understands and preaches both justification by grace through faith in Christ alone and sanctification by grace through faith in the same Jesus. Will Geiseman has previously served as an assistant pastor at his home church, Memorial Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois (Dr. Terry Pergl, Pastor). God has gifted this man an ability to articulate liberating truth, and his message is right on target with what really counts. As part of his ministry, Brother Geiseman maintains the website IncreasingChrist.com that offers selected messages and books he has authored. One title, The Forever Lockdown, is a timely work that draws a parallel between the COVID-19 pandemic and Gospel truth. From the author:

This book was born out of the coronavirus crisis in the spring of 2020. It was a time that affected all of our lives in one way or another. As is typical of our sovereign and good God, He took a bad virus and used even it to accomplish His eternal purposes. The good news of Jesus Christ was broadcast in great measure all over the world. People who were gripped by fear tuned in to watch live-streamed messages from churches. Folks sought out and listened to Bible-based podcasts. God wanted to get people’s attention, and many in the world slowed down long enough to hear His voice.

It is my belief that God still wants to get our attention.

This little book has a big message—one I believe to be the greatest message of all. For many, there is another lockdown that awaits, a lockdown much worse than the response to COVID-19. It will be the final and forever lockdown for those who don’t personally know Jesus as Savior.

If you are unsure of your eternal home, this book is for you! If you are a Christian who has evangelistic fervor and loves sharing God’s Word, this book is for you! As God’s people, we have to get truth into people’s hands! Jesus compares the Word of God to seed that is sown, and it’s time to be spreading the seed like never before! The Forever Lockdown is another useful tool to have in your evangelistic toolbox.

Copies of Brother Geiseman’s book can be ordered from the Increasing Christ website: https://increasingchrist.com/product-category/books/.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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