Lack of assurance is a big deal.

When clouds of doubt block the sunshine of our assurance of salvation, a sense of foreboding plagues us. The fear of hell becomes a sobering reality, leading to loss of joy and strength. We also leave the ground of victory. We lose confidence in accessing Jesus by faith because of our uncertainty over whether we even have Jesus. Such a person can be overcome by the world instead of overcoming through faith.

Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus came that we might have life—salvation. He implied that we would know that we have life—assurance. Jesus also came that we might live life abundantly—revival. But too many believers are missing out on assurance and the abundant life that accompanies it because they fear they aren’t saved.

For the sincere soul who is plagued with doubt over his or her salvation, it is a big deal. But take heart! In Assurance of Salvation, John Van Gelderen shows us how we can have eternal life, know that we have it, and live it abundantly, based on the infallible Word of God.

  • Excerpt from the back cover

Over the years, I have had a steady stream of people communicating with me regarding assurance. Several parties have openly expressed doubts about the salvation of friends, loved ones and even themselves—and the reasoning behind those doubts was not always the bedrock of Scripture. For some, their personal doubts proved debilitating and predictably interfered with realizing peace. Engaging in effective service was beyond them.

How many people are plagued with doubts of their salvation? And how many carry on in the struggle without seeking help or finding relief? The problem seems widespread, and our common enemy has enlisted the help of some unwitting allies in promoting its spread.

When well-intended but misguided preaching produces a wrong focus, that incorrect focus produces doubt. In this book, I seek to help those doubting their salvation to adjust their focus onto that which is sure. The only infallible assurance comes from the infallible Word of God (or more specifically/personally, from the infallible One based on His infallible Word).

Read the book on your own to cement your understanding of assurance. The 20 short chapters are divided into 4 sections that:

  • Cover the origin of the issue,
  • Diagnose exactly what an individual needs (whether that need is salvation, assurance, or revival),
  • Examine passages often misconstrued to support arguments against assurance, and
  • Couple a look back at regeneration with a view toward our continuing walk in faith and growth in grace.

The book is ideal for study in small group settings or even in a larger Bible Study setting (mid-week services or Sunday School). Copies of Assurance of Salvation are available in paperback from the Revival Focus web store and in Kindle and paperback formats from If you have been blessed by the truth in this book, would you consider leaving a review on Amazon? Thank you in advance!

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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