Little fires ignite big fires. This is true in the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Large revival fires get printed in books, but every large revival fire was preceded by a smaller revival fire, or fires. Personal revival often spreads to others. Then, sometimes these small groups of revived saints become the intercessors for even greater revivals. Intercessors seek the blessing for those who will not seek for themselves. That’s why many think revivals are arbitrary sovereign acts of God. Yet, while every revival is from God—He is the Reviver—intercessors are never surprised. God stirred them to pray, they did, and God granted His reviving presence.

This year at the Christ Life Conference, we will not only address personal revival, but also the connection between personal revival and corporate revival. What is the connection, and why? Would you prayerfully consider coming and joining others who have a passion for God to grant another season of refreshing from His presence? The details of this year’s Christ Life Conference may be found here. We look forward to seeking God’s reviving presence together!

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Hello, I’m John Van Gelderen. I am an evangelist and the president of Revival Focus Ministries, an organization for the cause of revival in hearts, homes, churches, and beyond, and for evangelizing. This blog is focused on experiencing Jesus. I believe in order to really live, you must access and experience the very life of Jesus Christ.