The 2017 Christ life Conference is a spiritual clinic where we allow the Word and the Spirit to diagnose our need and point us to the cure in Jesus. This year we are considering the vital connection between personal revival and the greater movements of the Spirit. To do so we have several series in the main sessions.

In the morning I will be doing a series on When the Spirit Comes from John 14-16. Jesus provided a window into life—when the Spirit comes. We live in this age of the Spirit. What does this mean and what kind of impact should it be making? What does it mean to abide in Christ and for Him to abide in us? What is the purpose? These and other vital questions will be the focus of our study.

Then David O’Gorman from Ireland will be doing a series on Love in Revival. Love—a forgotten word in many places. Yet it is the very manifestation of the life of God. Love is the greatest commandment, the greatest Christian virtue, and the greatest sign of discipleship. Love is vital for family relationships and so much more. Thankfully, love is restored in revival. What a needed and beautiful series!

In the late afternoon Otto Koning, former missionary to New Guinea, will be doing a series on Revival Learned in the Jungle. Brother Koning will start with his own personal revival testimony The Pineapple Story. If you’ve never heard this hilarious, yet truth-filled message, it is a must. If you’ve heard it a dozen times, you know you don’t want to miss hearing it again. Then he will follow it up with his message on Surrendering Rights—so convicting, yet profoundly helpful. Finally, he will give an account of awakening among the tribal people—one of the great stories of God reaching an unreached people group.

In the evening Rick Flanders will be doing a series on the Instrument of Revival. Who does God use? Are we usable? God has blessed Dr. Flanders with a heart for revival and much understanding regarding its history and theology. The truth of each day will be applied to the instrument God uses. This is an opportunity for conviction, challenge and vision.

In addition there will be a three-message teen track with C.J. Elwood, a ladies session with Valarie O’Gorman, and a special session with Jonathan Barber who will take the truth of the week and apply it to local churches. Also, Ron Visser and Valarie O’Gorman will be available for counseling sessions to provide more help in applying truth to individual needs.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us this August 7-10 in Ann Arbor, Michigan as we seek God’s reviving presence?

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