Christmastime. Truly the Christmas season has a uniqueness to it more than any other season. There is hope in the air—a sort of Christmas cheer. Though many do not understand why, there is hope because, even in secular society, there is a focus on Jesus more than at any other time of year. And Jesus brings hope—the hope of salvation and the hope of deliverance in so many ways.

It is wonderful to venture into the marketplace in this season and hear the name of Jesus sung in Christmas carols. I love it! This alone is amazing. With all the anti-God agenda around us, for a few weeks we hear the name of Jesus in secular settings…and not as a curse word, but as a blessing.

In the mystique of this season, with the aura of hope created by society’s unconscious focus on Jesus, it is the privilege of believers in Jesus to witness. What an amazing opportunity we have in such an atmosphere as this to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. May we take our privilege and responsibility seriously and trust in the Spirit of Jesus to empower us with the message of Jesus. Will you ask God to use you this Christmas season to lead people to Christ? Ask and then simply trust to obey.

Being unashamed of Jesus will surely magnify your share of Christmas cheer.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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