Netcasters Online Video Course

Netcasters is a course on the Spirit-filled life applied to evangelizing unbelievers. Originally produced in 1995, over the years Netcasters has been revised and expanded to better aid in equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. Now, for the first time, Netcasters training sessions are available in streaming video format.

Netcasters™ Assignment Sheet

Netcasters™ Sermons

  1. A Clean Heart John Van Gelderen
  2. Biblical Netcasters John Van Gelderen
  3. Empowered Witness John Van Gelderen
  4. Mega-Grace John Van Gelderen
  5. Salvation, Assurance, and Revival John Van Gelderen
  6. The Christ Life John Van Gelderen
  7. The Exchanged Life John Van Gelderen
  8. The Gospel of Jesus Christ John Van Gelderen
  9. The Key of Faith John Van Gelderen
  10. The Overflowing Life John Van Gelderen
  11. The Responsibility of Reaping John Van Gelderen
  12. The Way of Escape John Van Gelderen

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I write on the Spirit-filled Life (experiencing Jesus personally), revival and awakening (experiencing Jesus corporately), the Holy Spirit (the agent who manifests the life of Jesus), and faith (the access to the life of Jesus). In addition I may occasionally address related matters along with highlighting relevant resources.


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