He who has died has been freed from sin (Romans 6:7). If believers are freed from sin, why are so many struggling to get free?

In my early ministry years, I heard others emphasize the need to know the truth of Romans 6. But although I understood that Romans 6–8 was a vital portion of Scripture, the sad truth was, I didn’t know why. I read it, but for years its truth evaded me.

Then the Lord graciously awakened me to the understanding that grace was Spirit enabling, followed a few years later by an awakening to the person of the Holy Spirit. As the Spirit testified of the Son, Jesus Christ became so much more real to me. In this time of personal spiritual awakening, Galatians 2:20 exploded across my heart. Soon this illumination spread like a sunrise to Romans 6, then later to Romans 8, and finally, after several perplexing years, to Romans 7.

When we understand and depend on Romans 6–8, these chapters are, well, life changing. They are the gospel to saints, as I will explain in a moment. When the Spirit enlightens our eyes to truth that sets us free, it is glorious. We must ask the Spirit, who ultimately authored Romans 6–8, to open our eyes and give us understanding. He will.
Romans is a thoroughly gospel book. In fact, Paul refers to the entire book of Romans as “the gospel” (Rom. 15:16). The word “gospel” means good news! A broad outline of the book of Romans reveals its gospel emphasis:

The gospel to sinners: justification by grace through faith (Rom. 1–5)
The gospel to saints: sanctification by grace through faith (Rom. 6–8)
The gospel system: all by grace, all through faith (Rom. 9–11)
The gospel applied: presentation and practice (Rom. 12–16)

Our focus in this study will be on the good news to saints in Romans 6–8.

Just as sinners need the good news of Jesus, so likewise saints need the good news of the Holy Spirit. The gospel to sinners provides freedom from the penalty of sin. The gospel to saints provides freedom from the power of sin. Since Jesus saves, sinners must depend on Jesus as Savior. Since the Holy Spirit leads and empowers, saints must depend on the Spirit as sanctifier. Just as sinners must believe in Jesus, so also saints must believe in the Holy Spirit.

Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? It’s one thing to believe about the Holy Spirit; it’s quite another to believe in the Holy Spirit. May your heart be touched with the powerful truth in Romans 6–8 that we, as saints, can walk in the victory of Christ through the power of the Spirit of Christ, who lives within us.
–Adapted from the Preface

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