Today we are launching a 3 pack bundle of our most popular tracts. If you would like to begin carrying gospel tracts with you for the first time or have a larger assortment for every scenario, then this bundle is perfect for you.

If you have ordered from us before then you are likely familiar with at least one of these tract titles, but if you have thought about trying others then now is the time to order this special bundle at a limited-time launch discount.

You can order 300 (100 of each tract) or 1,500 (500 of each tract) and save before the launch sale ends in the next few days.

For inquiries for larger orders and deeper discounts, please contact us.

As always, if you would like one of these tracts to be personalized with your ministry’s information, logo, service times, and contact information, then you can shop our Custom tracts.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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