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Two new books are now available from the Revival Focus website. Each with a text spanning 4 dozen pages plus several blank leaves for notes, these study books cover two important truths—eternal life in Christ and living the new life in Him.

An Encounter with Jesus: Discovering the Truth of Eternal Life

Though our society in general has grown less familiar with the good news of salvation, a short gospel book coupled with a seeking heart can still make a difference. The Bible tells us in 1 John 5:13 that we can “know” that we have eternal life. An Encounter with Jesus tells us how that can be.

This gospel presentation (previously published in booklet form as A Confrontation with Truth) looks at three critical truths that must be understood and accepted and an important decision that each of us must make. The change to a book format has allowed for a revised and expanded text plus graphics that thoroughly and clearly present the truth of eternal life in Christ. The focus of the book is the Savior, and the truths that are covered lead to Him. When you truly encounter Jesus Christ, you can know without a doubt that you have eternal life.

Things Are Different Now: The Power of Christ in the New Believer

There is rejoicing when an individual believes in Christ and finds eternal life in Jesus. However, there is often a struggle that ensues when well-meaning Christians explain their new life in Christ as a list of things to do and other things to avoid. Knowing no better, the new Christian may then try in their own strength to live the Christian life and ultimately taste bitter failure. What then? Try again? Quit?

Instead, the new believer needs to understand the Christian life cannot be lived without accessing the Christian life himself—Jesus. And thinking that following Christ is about trading old routines for new religious rituals misses the dynamic of genuine Christianity. The new creation is all about Jesus!

For the new believer, Things Are Different Now begins with a discussion of:

  • Your new position,
  • Your new power source,
  • Your new practice, and
  • Your new purpose.

The book’s five chapters cover new aspects of a believer’s life and include questions for reflection and discussion—making it an ideal discipleship guide. And in all areas, the believer is presented with the truth of accessing Christ for life and victory. Learn to walk in your new life in Christ, and you will enjoy experiencing Jesus!

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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