Christmastime has an air of hope. Songs of Jesus ring out in the marketplace. The season is a wonderful opportunity to give out gospel tracts, and many include Christmas-themed tracts with the cards and letters they address to unsaved family and friends.

Working as an assistant pastor some years ago, I set out on a simple errand. I went to a gospel tract publisher in search of a good Christmas tract for our church to use. The tracts on display were beautifully done, but as I read through each one, I became frustrated with how little gospel was actually presented. They were good as far as they went, but the surface treatment did not offer much substance. God would later use this experience to burden me to write gospel tracts.

Evangelist Paul Levin, the author of some outstanding gospel tracts that God has used to bring thousands to Christ, once said, “People do not get saved reading short tracts.” He insisted that tracts must have sufficient length to present enough truth for the Spirit to convict of sin and judgment and the need to trust in Jesus as Savior. With this in mind, Revival Focus produced The Gift of Jesus some years ago to meet the need for a seasonal tract that offers a clear and thorough gospel presentation and a beautiful holiday format.

The Gift of Jesus can be custom printed with your church’s information on the back panel. A version without customization (and ready for manual stamping or labeling) is also available from the Revival Focus online store.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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