In The Revival Journey, The Phases of Corporate Revival, John Van Gelderen dedicates a chapter to each of the five phases of corporate revival discernible in Scripture. If you do not own a copy, the book is available from the Revival Focus online store.

Two particularly important phases describe the blessing received by man and God’s divine moving through the outpouring of the Spirit (chapters dubbed Life Again! and God Has Come!). These chapters have also been made available in a video format. The principles of the phases are described in sessions that run approximately 45 minutes each.

The Revival Journey videos, presenting the powerful truth of revival interspersed with revival history, can stir your heart to seek God’s reviving presence where you are. Whether viewed as one long presentation, split into two units, or further divided into 4 segments of 20-25 minutes each, the videos are well-suited for church or Bible study group settings. They would also prove helpful in one’s personal study of revival.

Like the book, The Revival Journey video downloads are available from the Revival Focus online store.


John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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