Recently, someone asked me a series of questions regarding the supposed salvation of a friend. Obviously, there was confusion as to whether this person had truly trusted in Christ. Though there was a supposed “decision,” there was little to no life change accompanying it.

Conversations like this stir up many questions.

Is salvation one or two steps? Three? More? Reading various tracts, you might be left to wonder. Much of the confusion stems from our understanding (or misunderstanding) of repentance and faith. Are these two concepts separate “steps” or do they represent two emphases of a single essence? How do these concepts relate to the moment of salvation? What do they bring to bear on the movement of the Christian walk? Is life change automatic upon salvation, or is there a responsibility to walk by faith in order to grow in grace?

These and other vital questions are addressed in the new book Repentance and Faith: Two Sides to One Decision. Twenty short, easy-to-read chapters define the concepts, describe their relationship, and detail the critical importance of each to a person’s salvation.

Repentance and Faith: Two Sides to One Decision is available from the Revival Focus webstore and from

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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