The country is focused on the incredible damage being inflicted on southeastern Texas right now by Hurricane Harvey—and rightly so. A Category 4 hurricane with winds of 130 miles per hour, Harvey has brought unprecedented and catastrophic flooding. This is a powerful storm. We pray for those affected, and for those responding with aid.

When a powerful storm hit the Sea of Galilee the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water. More literally, Jesus was walking on the storm. Recognizing it was the Lord, Peter asked Jesus to bid him come to him on the water. When Jesus said “Come,” Peter, too, walked on the storm—by divine power greater than the powerful storm. All went well until he took his eyes off Jesus and looked back at the raging sea. But Peter, by faith, walked on the storm. Beginning to sink—but not sinking—he cried out in faith, and Jesus took him by the hand and together they walked on the storm back to the boat.

Ron Visser spoke on the Sunday preceding our recent Christ Life Conference of this very truth. The phrase “walking on the storm” grabbed my attention. It is miracle enough to walk on water. But it is even more amazing to walk on the storm. This is the miracle we all desperately need in the storms of life! Crises come. Storms rage. Waves swell. At times all seems hopeless—but for Jesus.

In the midst of the storms of life we must look to Jesus and respond in faith when He says “Come.” This means we have to ignore feelings, and trust in the integrity of Jesus regardless of what we see and feel. We must trust Him to enable us to walk on the storm by the same divine power that Peter did. If we falter and begin to sink, as Peter did, by taking our eyes off Jesus and looking back at the raging storm, then we must look back to Jesus for the supernatural lift so desperately needed. Jesus is always the answer!

Right now rescuers are seeking to help those in need as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Jesus is the great and perfect rescuer. If you are presently in the midst of a hurricane of life, look with faith to the same Jesus Peter looked to, and by His same divine power walk on the storm with the master of all storms. The master of storms has no problem walking on storms.


Ron Visser is the president of PreciousStones Biblical Counseling Ministries in Bloomington, IN. We recommend his Christ-centered, Spirit-filled life approach to crisis counseling.

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