Undoubtedly, this question has been asked by many this Christmas season. It certainly has been in my household. But what do you really want?

As we celebrate Jesus this year, my heart yearns to love Jesus more and know Him more deeply. Maybe yours does too. If ever we needed the presence of Jesus manifest in our lives, it is now.

Jesus came. Thus the reason for the season. Jesus is coming again. Thus the need to be looking for that blessed hope. But between the two physical comings of Jesus, there is the opportunity for His spiritual coming in manifest reality in and through His body, the church, believers in Jesus.

We are privileged to be the sweet fragrance of Christ to those around us (2 Cor. 2:15). When we walk in the Spirit simply trusting Jesus, we bring the fragrance, the aura, the radiance of Christ to wherever we are. In this way Jesus comes between His first and second advents. This is the life of Jesus, the vine, flowing through us, the branches (John 15).

As we remember the Baby in the manger this year, may we remember that this same Jesus lives in the manger of our hearts, no longer a baby, but the Man of God’s right hand with all authority and power.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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