Misuse of the term repentance can produce misunderstandings causing some sincere souls to doubt and lose assurance of their salvation.

Repentance and Faith: Two Sides to One Decision
This book walks through the concepts of faith and repentance, two different emphases of one essence. If repentance is completely separated from faith, the matter of salvation becomes works-oriented and violates grace. Pairing the differing emphases shows them as simply two sides of a single coin. This truth keeps the gospel free.

Assurance of Salvation: Dispelling Doubts with Infallible Truth
A follow-up to Repentance and Faith, this book walks through the distinction between salvation (having eternal life), assurance (knowing you have eternal life), and revival (living that abundant life). The only infallible assurance comes from the Infallible One through His Infallible Word.

A wrong conception of repentance produces performance-based assurance—which is no assurance at all. The concepts of repentance and assurance must be kept focused on Jesus lest the waters become muddied. These complementary books make this clear, and both are available from the Revival Focus web store.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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