Is experiencing Jesus the supreme reality of your present experience—or is it otherwise (perhaps quite otherwise)?


Have any bad habits? Are they getting worse rather than better? And besetting sins, have you succeeded in overcoming them or does sin maintain its grip? At times are you surprised how low you can sink?


Do others long for and enjoy your presence? Or are the people around you (especially those closest to you) preoccupied with minimizing strife and securing only a quiet co-existence?

Spiritual Influence

Are you effective, especially in the Gospel? Can you positively testify to His life-changing power working through you? Or do you dutifully go through the motions and hope that God will somehow use your efforts for His good? Perhaps you have lost even that hope and have given up on winning people to the Savior.

Are you in need of a fresh experience with Jesus?

Experiencing Jesus is for anyone seeking personal revival through the Spirit-filled life. It explains from Galatians 2:20 what makes this possible and shows that God makes the way simple. The book is available from the Revival Focus online store and various formats are offered through Amazon.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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