From a response to The Liberating Life of Jesus:

“I’m only through the introduction and I love so much that you flat out say Christians aren’t meant to look exactly the same. That within the absolutes there are many variations. I’m a statistician and I can’t help but see everything through the lens of math — and I immediately thought of how there are nonnegotiable theorems and definitions in math…but within those confines there are infinitely many variables. And how those variables are put together within those confines still results in so many different results. Like fractals — they all follow the same general rules but when they have different starting points they wind up looking incredibly different from one another. Different…but all still fractals. Like my favorite fractals — snowflakes. They’re all snow…but they each form individually and are beautiful…I’m excited to read the rest because already it’s reinvigorating me to focus on Christ and yield to His Spirit to enable me to do what He wants me to do.”

The Spirit-filled life is always the impartation of the life of Jesus manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. While this dynamic is the same for every Spirit-filled believer, the external aspects may differ depending on where an individual is at on his or her journey.

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John Van Gelderen

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