In our day, we regularly hear urgent appeals from concerned family and friends, law enforcement, and local media regarding someone reported missing. Details surrounding the disappearance, a description of the individual, and contact information are offered with a request to participate in the search.

Can I interest you in joining such a pursuit?

When Christ finished His work at the cross, He was exalted to the throne. There, having received the promise, He sent the Holy Spirit that we would not be alone and the work of the ministry would flourish. The Spirit is here as the leader and enabler of God’s people, and when believers follow His leadership, trusting His power, supernatural results are realized. But when the Spirit is ignored, the guide and power of the church is missing.

With the outpouring of some truly great blessing that marked the early 1970s, there was also movement on another front—growing pockets of excess in the name of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians rightly responded and stood against the excesses, but several wrongly overreacted and practically walked away from the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the Spirit has been missing in the lives of many believers and churches. The results are lifelessness and spiritual anemia.

In this year’s Christ Life Conference, we will investigate experiencing Christ as your life by studying the ministry of the Spirit. He is the one who brings the throne life of Jesus Christ right into our hearts and midst.

The 2018 Christ Life Conference – Sign up now and join others seeking to know experientially the Spirit as Lord and life.

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