There was a time when I would put hours and hours into soulwinning, but in spite of the effort, I had to admit I was having little impact. Let me tell you how God changed everything.

Stirred to lead souls to Christ, I worked hard. I trained and became certified in several soulwinning programs and spent many hours over a period spanning several years working in fields that Jesus assured were white and ready unto harvest. My limited effectiveness, however, highlighted a problem with my approach. Sadly, I did not grasp what it meant to be filled with the Spirit and to know it. When God opened my eyes to this life changing truth, immediately my gospel witness became far more effective.

Would you like to be filled with the Holy Spirit . . . and know it? Would you like to be equipped with gospel clarity? Would you like a logical method for presenting the gospel? Netcasters™ Evangelistic Training addresses all three burdens.

Netcasters Evangelistic Training is a course on the Spirit-filled life applied to evangelizing unbelievers.  Originally produced in 1995, the program has been revised and expanded over the years to better equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  Now, for the first time, Netcasters training sessions are available with online streaming video sessions.

Netcasters Tackle Box
The complete course is available in the Netcasters Tackle Box that includes:

  • Online Streaming Video Training Sessions, offering a comprehensive introduction to the program and supplemental materials, 10 training sessions (each approximately 25 minutes in length), and a complete demonstration of the Netcasters gospel presentation.
  • Netcasters Workbook, a spiral-bound companion to the Netcasters video training sessions.
  • Netcasters Viewbook, a spiral-bound visual aid flipchart for proclaiming the Netcasters gospel presentation.
  • Discover Eternal Life, the Netcasters gospel presentation in a 24-page Bible study booklet.
  • Good News tract (pack of 100), a shortened version of the Netcasters gospel presentation for high volume use.
  • The Revived Life (book), a progression of truth on the Spirit-filled life. From the back cover:
    Greater than any craving for food and water is the deep longing within the soul of many of God’s children to be like Jesus — to be holy and victorious over evil and to be loving and effective in service. In a word, to experience Christ’s life.
    If you’ve felt these longings, but are discouraged and defeated, separated from the life of Christ by the rising waters of failure, the Word of God provides hope and help. Laying down biblical stepping stones, John Van Gelderen leads you on a journey to a life which overcomes sin and overflows into ministry to others.
  • A sampling of tracts, including How? a 16-page comprehensive gospel presentation booklet with colorful graphics throughout.  A full-color, modified version of the “Confrontation With Truth” booklet, How? presents the Netcasters gospel presentation and can be given as a tract or used like a flip-chart when presenting the gospel.

In the public arena, the cost of college credits can run as high as $600 per credit (conservatively speaking). For Christian colleges, the cost is typically between $285 and $450. Personal evangelism courses range from one to three credits depending on the type of course, and if the Netcasters program was a two-credit course, the cost would average around $600.

Revival Focus used to sell Netcasters materials for $149. It is truly worth this kind of price, but desiring everyone who wants to take the course to have affordable access to it, we repackaged the course to make it more user friendly and cost effective. Whether your desire is to take the course in an academic fashion with quizzes and tests or simply imbibe it as a Bible study, Netcasters Evangelistic Training is available for $49 packaged as the Netcasters Tackle Box.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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