The early twentieth century saw seasons of refreshing from the presence of the Lord all around the world. From 1901 to 1913 at least 57 nations experienced the reviving and awakening presence of God. Perhaps most notable was the Welsh revival of 1904-1905. But many nations were blessed including the United States of America in 1906.

The first signs of blessing on the Korean peninsula began in 1903—prayer first, then revivals. The revivals grew into the year 1906. Then the Korean believers heard of even greater works in Kassia Hills, India. Encouraged there was even more, they sought the Lord through definite and continued prayer for several months into 1907. Then the Holy Spirit’s fire swept Korea in an even greater way. The story is recorded in print by Jonathan Goforth who saw the move of God firsthand. His sermon When the Spirit’s Fire Swept Korea was used of God to ignite revival among the Chinese and in Manchuria in particular. From this wave of blessing in 1907, which saw 30,000 souls come to Christ by the middle of that year alone, the Korean Revival continued in power through 1910 with continuing impact for years to come.

The center of the Korean Revival that spread throughout the country north and south was the city of Ping Yang. Today this city is called Pyongyang, and is the capitol of North Korea. Amazing! Since the division of the country into North Korea and South Korea, the church in South Korea has grown exponentially, making South Korea one of the most powerful missionary sending countries in the world today. Undoubtedly, the church in North Korea has mushroomed as well—but under severe persecution. While we know some of what God has been doing, we do not know all by any means.

Today, North Korea is much in the news. Let’s pray for the believers in this nation. May the Spirit move again to the point of touching and changing their national leadership one way or another!

Read now: When the Spirit’s Fire Swept Korea by Jonathan Goforth

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