"...a clarifying answer connects the dots of several seemingly out of reach truths."

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a truth that seemed to have potential bless you, but there was a question mark about a detail? And this nagging question seemed to hinder you from being impacted in a greater way? Getting the answer to that question is like a key that opens a storehouse of blessing!

In the 1990s when God was challenging me much about the life of faith, I read a number of books by authors like Andrew Murray, A.T.Pierson, and  A.J. Gordon. Some mentioned the importance of knowing the difference between a fact and a promise. But I couldn’t seem to grasp the significance of this distinction.

Then while reading the biography of Evan Hopkins, the author described Hopkins in action at an Inquirer’s Conversational Meeting, which was a formal way of saying a Q&A, in conjunction with the early Keswick Convention so greatly used of God in those days. The author who was an eye witness provided an account of Hopkins explaining that a fact is a present reality and a promise is a future potentiality. The distinction affects the faith response to access the particular biblical provision. For me this has been life changing! I have written about this life changing distinction in my book The Faith Response which you can learn more about here.

Over the years I have been in many Q&A meetings. Often a clarifying answer connects the dots of several seemingly out of reach truths. This connection provides blessed impact, which is the value of Q&A venues.

Revival Focus is launching a Q&A  Column as of this article. You may submit questions in line with the  Revival Focus scope of purpose:

  • The Spirit-filled Life
  • Revival and Awakenings
  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Faith

And related issues like:

  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Assurance
  • Hindrances to Revival

A question will be selected from the archive of inquiries and be posted with a response once a week on Thursdays. We trust the Lord will bless this venue to the hearts of many who have the same or similar questions.

What is your question? Submit one by clicking here.

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