As the public marketplace reopens, the opportunities for using gospel tracts will increase.

“May I give you some good news?” is a positive line in a day of so much bad news, and with this simple introduction, you can offer someone the Good News tract.

At a restaurant, you might say to the wait staff, “I’m leaving a tip, but I’m also leaving you more than a tip!” With this, you can give them the gospel tract More Than a Tip (with a generous tip tucked inside).

“Do you have eternal life?” is a simple question you can ask as you offer the gospel tract The Gate to Eternal Life. And for those who can’t hear you because they can’t separate themselves from their earbuds, passing along a card with a link to the Salvation Focus site may be appropriate.  

These and other gospel tracts are available from the Revival Focus webstore.

John Van Gelderen

John Van Gelderen

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